Other Services

Ear Piercing

When having your ears pierced or that of your family it is important to know that it is being completed in a clean environment and that you can get some key after care information to prevent against any infections. Our pharmacy has been providing this service for a number of years and have covered off the appropriate training and will talk you through the process and give you some key information to take away on caring for your ears and piercing. We also have some pretty cool earrings for you to choose from.


Passport photos

Did you know that our pharmacy has an extensive travel health category that takes care of all of those little details you may forget when planning a holiday locally or internationally? Passport photos can easily be forgotten in the last minute scramble to meet the deadline or to get your international driver’s license. Our pharmacy provides this convenient service and has the exact mandatory sizing and detail requirements that they check the photo to once processed, to ensure it meets all of them.


Purchase or Hire Medical Equipment

A large range of medical equipment is available for hire from our local pharmacy. There are crutches, vaporisers, nebulisers, walkers and even wheelchairs! If there is something specific you need – your pharmacy can usually find it.

Unichem Grey Lynn

We are truly a family, friendly local pharmacy business. We aim to supply quality products and give our customers prompt professional service and good value for money. Building customer relationships is important to us and good caring service is our way. Our aim is not only to provide you with a convenient online shopping experience but to give you easy access to health information.